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Name: Alex1%er
City/Country: Cebu City/ Philippines
Sent: 12.30 - Monday, 6.October 2014

Welcome on board to the new prospective chapter Dumaguete

Name: Bob 1%er
City/Country: Canada
Sent: 05.16 - Saturday, 4.October 2014

I will be there soon to visit my bros

Sent: 23.00 - Wednesday, 1.October 2014

Habe das von Steve erst vor Kurzem erfahren . War mal mit ihm in einem Club . Es tut mir sehr leid um Steve !!!
RIP Steve !!!!!

City/Country: Le havre France
Sent: 23.30 - Wednesday, 30.July 2014

Hello, a small passage on your page to present you my greetings, kisses has all

Name: Ori 1%er
City/Country: Le Havre /France
Sent: 20.47 - Wednesday, 9.July 2014

deepest condolences to all bro family and friends of Steve 1%er

Name: AOA Le Havre
Homepage: http://outlawsmc-lehavre.com
City/Country: Le Havre /France
Sent: 16.15 - Wednesday, 9.July 2014

all members from AOA Le havre SEnd our deepest condolences to all bro family and friends of Steve 1%er AOA Cebu South

Name: JC 1%er
Homepage: http://outlawsmc-lehavre.com
City/Country: Le Havre /France
Sent: 16.11 - Wednesday, 9.July 2014

Iwish to brothers family and friends of Steve 1%er (From Cebu South ) all my deepest condolences
Stay strongin this sad moment
Ride in Forever chapter

Name: AOA France
City/Country: FRANCE
Sent: 16.08 - Wednesday, 9.July 2014

deepest condolences to brothers family and friends of Steve 1%er chapter Cebu South
Rest In Peace
Gone But Not Forgotten

Name: AOA Heidenheim
City/Country: Germany
Sent: 09.14 - Wednesday, 2.July 2014

We send our deepest condolence to Chapter Cebu South, family and friends of Steve 1%er.
Chapter Heidenheim, Germany

Name: AOA Rhoen-Grabfeld(PC)
City/Country: Rhoen-Grabfeld Area / Germany
Sent: 12.49 - Monday, 30.June 2014

We send our deepest condolences to the brothers,family and friends of Steve 1%er
Cebu-South Chapter.

Outlaws MC Rhoen-Grabfeld (PC) / Germany

Name: AOA East-Side Belgium
City/Country: sint-Truiden - Belgium
Sent: 04.44 - Monday, 30.June 2014

Deepest Condolences to the brothers, family and friends of Steve 1%er Outlaws MC Philippines (Chapter Cebu-South)............ G.B.N.F.

Johan 1%er East-Side Belgium O.F.F.O.

Name: AOA Biberach
City/Country: BC /Germany
Sent: 21.15 - Sunday, 29.June 2014

We send our deepest condolences to the brothers , family & friends of Steve 1%er Cebu-South RIP GBNF


Name: Witti 1%er
City/Country: Bergstraße Germany
Sent: 15.58 - Sunday, 29.June 2014

Chapter Bergstrasse send his deepest Condolences to the brothers, family and friends of Steve 1%er (Cebu-South,Philippines)

R.I.P. Brother

Outlaws MC

Name: Pete
City/Country: DGT Philippines
Sent: 04.41 - Sunday, 29.June 2014

R.I.P STEVE 1%er

Sincere Condolences to the Alcoy members,Cebu city Chapter,probates & Wife of Steve 1%er tragically taken.


Name: AOA Calw
City/Country: Germany
Sent: 16.55 - Saturday, 28.June 2014

Chapter Calw send his deepest Condolences to the brothers, family and friends of Steve 1%er (Cebu-South,Philippines)

R.I.P. Brother

Outlaws MC Calw

Name: AOA West-Side Belgium
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.be
City/Country: West-Side
Sent: 16.39 - Saturday, 28.June 2014

We send our deepest condolences to the brothers , family & friends of Steve 1%er Cebu-South RIP GBNF

Name: Outlaws MC Germany
Sent: 10.54 - Saturday, 28.June 2014

Deepest Condolences to the brothers, family and friends of Steve 1%er (Philippines, Cebu-South) Rest in Peace - G.B.N.F.

Name: chip 1%er
City/Country: England
Sent: 10.49 - Saturday, 28.June 2014

Condolences go out to Steve 1%er sadly missed from the London chapter

Name: roger
City/Country: norway
Sent: 21.45 - Friday, 27.June 2014

im proud of u my friends!!! wish i was there... i will be back...

Name: Puti unggoy
City/Country: U K
Sent: 21.25 - Friday, 30.May 2014

I am moving to the Philippines in February 2015 from the U K and would like to ride with you guys , please let me know how this can happen ???
Andy (puti unggoy)

Name: Ricardo Behne
City/Country: Alcoy Poblacion
Sent: 12.37 - Friday, 18.April 2014

The best club I ever joint....thanks to get a official supporter...

Name: Roger Walters
City/Country: Alabama, USA
Sent: 05.15 - Friday, 14.March 2014

Surprised to see Y\'all here, good feeling to see one of you on street after all the little rice burners ! Just down visiting for two weeks.

Name: AOA France
City/Country: France
Sent: 22.59 - Sunday, 12.January 2014

We wish an happy new year 2014 in Black & White to all of bro from Philippines
long Way

Name: AOA Philippines
Sent: 15.46 - Tuesday, 31.December 2013

Deepest Condolences to the family and friends of
Juergen (Proud Cebu-South Supporter) - Rest in peace - G.B.N.F.

Name: judas1%er
City/Country: A.O.A.Lowlands Belgium
Sent: 21.40 - Tuesday, 24.December 2013

i wish my brothers, probates, supports and family a Black & White X-Mass and a safe 2014 with lots of miles on the road and good partys .

Dark Crew


Name: jock essex-outlaw
Sent: 21.18 - Sunday, 22.December 2013

EAST COAST OUTLAWS like to wish all our brothers and supporters the best xmas and a very pukka black n white new year

Name: \'Groovy Dav\'
Homepage: http://www.daveebert.com
City/Country: Minnesota, USA
Sent: 01.28 - Sunday, 22.December 2013

To the Outlaws MC Philippines; Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years... LL&R ... SYLO

Name: Garry 1% Rebels MC
Homepage: http://www.rebelsmc.ch/
City/Country: Switzerland
Sent: 09.55 - Saturday, 21.December 2013

We wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for 2014


Rebels MC Switzerland Affi.

Name: Tof 1%er
City/Country: Dieppe France
Sent: 19.59 - Wednesday, 18.December 2013

We wish all the brothers and their families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014
AOA Dieppe France

Name: Denis 1%er
Sent: 15.29 - Tuesday, 17.December 2013

Costa Blanca chapter of AOA Spain
Wish to All Brothers in Philippines a Merry XMas & Happy New Year.
One way AOA.
Denis 1%er CB Spain

Name: Daniel Marshall
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.com.au
City/Country: Australia
Sent: 09.37 - Wednesday, 4.December 2013

Hello to all the members of AOA in the Philippines. Wish I had time to visit Cebu City, there\'s always next year. SYLO as always.



Name: \'Groovy Dav\'
Homepage: http://www.daveebert.com
City/Country: Minnesota, USA
Sent: 19.14 - Monday, 18.November 2013

Hope all is well following the thypoon... LL&R ... SYLO...

Name: Spider
Sent: 22.53 - Thursday, 14.November 2013

Hey Hope all of you and your family and friends are safe, LLR a supporter from Ireland

Name: nutz 1%er
City/Country: coventry N Warwickshire
Sent: 15.26 - Wednesday, 13.November 2013

all our thoughts go out to everyone LLR

Name: Mexican Steve
City/Country: South Side of Chicago
Sent: 01.29 - Tuesday, 12.November 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with all of during this time of crisis. I sincerly hope family and friends are safe as well.

Name: biene + wolfi
Sent: 19.12 - Monday, 11.November 2013

hallo alex,
vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch an uns, wir haben uns im februar in pattaya kennen-
wollten mal grüsse vorbei schicken und wir hoffen es geht euch gut nach dem sturm.

Name: anthony noah
Sent: 02.53 - Monday, 11.November 2013

hope all the brothers are safe and sound from the thypoon LL%R

Name: JF1%er
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.fr
City/Country: France / South
Sent: 01.00 - Sunday, 10.November 2013

Hello my Brothers I hope everything goes well for you, your Family and friends.
Wholeheartedly with you.




Name: Alex 1%er
City/Country: Cebu City
Sent: 13.10 - Tuesday, 5.November 2013

Outlaws Chapter Cebu City hold first anniversary party since full Status in our Clubhouse in Cebu City at 16.11.
Beer and Food and Music from Rock to Heavy Metal
All Bikers ,Supporters or just friends are welcome for having party.


Name: pedro
City/Country: australia
Sent: 15.34 - Wednesday, 23.October 2013

hi great to see outlaws in the PIL great riding in luzon as im in angles 4 monthes a year , fantastic country ok catch u in a bar 1 day for a SML

Name: Pete Dumua NEGOR
Sent: 11.30 - Tuesday, 30.July 2013

Big shout out to Harry & members from Alcoy

Trust it was a good turnout for the first inaugural poker run.
Sorry i couldn\'t have been on the run with you guys was looking forward to it.
Have been laid up in Australia since April.

When i get back home i\'ll come over for a big session hanging out to put some rubber on the cement & wet the throat with heaps of San Mig.

L.L & Respect

Name: William Stohlton (Alan President)
Homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/william.stohlton.7
City/Country: Dumaguete
Sent: 06.05 - Monday, 29.July 2013

Respect... NORSEMEN MC Dumaguete... Negros Oriental PH
Next time the Alcoy bunch is in Dumaguete, Stop by at Zoes Beer Garden (The old Road House), The NORSEMEN MC bar... If you give me a heads up, I will make sure I come down with some of the boys to share a beer... Alan

Name: Lil T 1%er
City/Country: Knoxville, Tennessee
Sent: 18.59 - Monday, 22.July 2013

LL&R from Tennessee hope to come visit soon

Name: Roderick Ritos
City/Country: Philippines
Sent: 10.35 - Friday, 5.April 2013

Do you have any chapter in Region 1, province of Pangasinan

WEBMASTER: Look on the website. You will find all the information

Name: Jochen Boers
City/Country: Davao City
Sent: 14.39 - Monday, 1.April 2013

Hey, hier ist Jochen von den Agila Riders Davao.
Wie geht es Euch in Cebu ? Hoffe wir sehen uns in Bacolod naechste Woche zur Convention.
War super in Cebu bei der Convention.
Nebenbei: Ihr habt echt ne tolle Location aufgebaut.
Gruesse auch von\"Zocker\" Outlaws Germany.
Mit Respekt

Name: Lance
Homepage: http://www.gonzotrucker.com
City/Country: Bayawan, City Philippines
Sent: 03.10 - Thursday, 24.January 2013

Have a great day outlaws

Name: Fran1%er
City/Country: Galicia-Spain
Sent: 13.53 - Friday, 18.January 2013

Greetings and respects for my Philippines brothers.LL&R.the world is black & white.
Fran1%er Galicia chptr,Spain.OFFO.

Name: Arnold 1%er
Homepage: http://outlawsmc-lehavre.com
City/Country: Le Havre /France
Sent: 01.45 - Tuesday, 8.January 2013

happy new year

Name: Old Dog
City/Country: China / Australia.
Sent: 11.23 - Saturday, 5.January 2013

just dropped in to say hello and all the best for 2013.
Old Dog
(but Still Burry The Bone)

Name: AOA Le Havre
Homepage: http://outlawsmc-lehavre.com
City/Country: Le Havre /France
Sent: 16.23 - Monday, 31.December 2012

we wish to all brothers and supports an happy new year in black and white